About Us

Peaceful Exit

Welcome to GLORIOUS END. We are a Peaceful Exit Organization. Our mission is to assist any ready and willing patient with a terminal disease “gloriously end” his/her life life in this realm and grant them a peaceful exit from the world. We believe that this self mercy killing which most people wrongly term suicide is actually a death with dignity and should not only be limited to those living in death with dignity states The death with dignity act and death with dignity laws should be revised to give everyone the right to die under reasonably just circumstances.

We are top advocates of Voluntary Euthanasia.Just like billions of other people and thousands of organizations around the globe, we share in the strong and just belief that no one should be forced to suffer hopelessly from a terminal disease and die after a long time without any gain from such prolonged suffering. No friend, relative, professional, culture, tradition or law should be given the right to torment a terminally ill patient instead of allowing them to die by free will. As a matter of fact, it is not only the patient who suffers, people who care about them also suffer emotionally and financial when they see a loved on in great pains. As a Peaceful Exit Organization. We are not only in charge of advocacy and professional/medical services but also in the provision of health related products such as Nembutal Powder, Nembutal Pills and Nembutal Solutions which can serve as a quick solution to those who clearly have no other option except a peaceful exit.

peaceful exitVoluntary Euthanasia is mercy killing to those who decide to terminate their lives for an ethically just reason, such as escaping prolonged pains caused by a terminal illness. Membership is completely free to all customers. After successfully making one purchase, you are allowed to fully participate in all our programs. Even if you don’t need the nembutal pentobarbibal products and the nembutal triple test kit for quality testing, you ca still pay and it will be donated to an extremely poor terminally ill patient.

Although GLORIOUS SEND existed since 2001, we recently re-branded ourselves to include more services and also to directly involve in more direct and urgent remedies such as properly distributing suicide drugs to qualified terminally ill patients. Most have suffered great pains waiting for drugs to be provided to them by fake vendors and scammers who simply ripped them off.

If you think a relative or loved one genuinely needs nembutal, please contact us.